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Adobe Reader anti-alias

I have been reading a PDF book, and the text comes up real rough for the eyes,


I thought it’s the font used by the PDF, but even if I changed the font, it’s not helping.

Eventually, I found that in Edit –> Preferences –> Page Display


The Rendering, Smooth Text, I have None there. Once I changed it to For Laptop/LCD screens:


The PDF looks like this now:


Before it looks like



This sample PDF does not have much difference. But for some PDFs, the difference is really huge, and it’s coming up really pleasant to the eyes.

PeopleSoft URL explained

In short, it’s in this format: server name and port number

psp: servlet

hr: site name

EMPLOYEE: portal name

HRMS: node name

c: content type, which could be one of:

c: component

s: script

e: xxternal

h: homepage

q: query

w: worklist

n: navigation

f: file