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Unable to change label properties of push button/hyperlink in Application Designer

I had the issue where when I opened up the Label tab of a push button on a page, the Label Type, Label Size are blank, Label Text shows up as Static Text. When I changed the settings, and clicked OK to save it. The change did not register.

The fix turned out to be to go to the Configuration Manager, then go to Client Setup tab, then check the “Install Workstation” checkbox, click OK or Apply.

Now restart Application Designer, the issue should be fixed now.

“Your license code does not permit access”


Go to SQL Developer, and query PSOPTIONS table:


Hmm, I found the code there seems to be correct.

I think I have to do a trace to find out what table it’s reading.

Hmm, it is reading PSOPTIONS.

I went ahead and updated it anyway.

Well, that did not work. Still some components are having the same error.

Suddenly I realized that I was looking at key for this:


There is another set of keys:


Update the table PSOPTIONS with this key, and bingo, it worked.

Missing or invalid version of SQL library PSORA32 (200,0)

I am installing PT8.53 and HCM9.2 on my 64bits Windows 2008 R2 box, using Oracle 11g 64 bits too. When I tried to access Data Mover, I got this error


There are quite some posts on the internet talking about this. Basically it’s because that you need a 32 bits Oracle client for Application Designer and Data Mover.

However it’s not very clear on those posts that what needs to be changed. After several tries, I found that we need to change the PATH variable to point to the 32bit client BIN directory  (before the 64 bits).

There is one post talking about change the short-cut property’s “Start in” value:


Unfortunately that did not work for me.

What I did was to run from command line, first set the PATH:



I created a bat file for this:




So my post here is to remind you to set the PATH right (have it point to 32 bits client first) when running Application Designer and Data Mover.

bea.jolt.ServiceException: Invalid Session

Recently, I upgraded my VMWare to 9.0. Ever since that I am having trouble getting into PIA, whenever I access the login page, I got error


The PIA log would show

***** JoltSessionPool: Domain//Avatar:9000 is unavailable.

Didn’t know what to do for a while (not too much luck on google search too), until I saw this, which advised to clean IPC:


in psadmin.

that sure worked.

PeopleSoft IDs

Connect ID: ID used to initially connect to Database. PS mentioned people/peop1e for it. Created in connect.sql. Only has access access to PSSTATUS, PSOPRDEFN, PSACCESSPRFL tables.

Access ID, is also the Owner ID. It’s an Oracle Database user, who owns the PeopleSoft database objects. This is set up in psadmin.sql

PS/VP are PeopleSoft built-in users.

Symbolic ID, is used to retrieve the Access ID and Access Password from PSACCESSPRFL.

When user logs in, the PS first connects to database using Connect ID and its password (peop1e in the example above. It then validates user’s ID and password against PSOPRDEFN table. If they are good, it will get the Symbolic ID from PSOPRDEFN, and then look up by Symbolic ID fro Access ID and Password from PSACCESSPRFL table, and disconnect from Access ID (people) and login as Access ID (we normally use SYSADM)

If you put wrong Connect password in Configuration Manager, you would see below when accessing Application Designer:

Invalid Access ID and password for signon — see your security administrator.

If you got “Invalid Login and password” when you trying to login with your ID, you can try reset the password in PSOPRDEFN in database, and use ENCRYPT_PASSWORD to encrypt it in data mover. If that does not work, please check if the ACCTLOCK is 1 in the PSOPRDEFN table.

PeopleTools 8.53 InstallAnywhere Issue

I am trying to install PeopleTools 8.53 on my Windows 2008 R2 in my VM. It’s a 64 bits. So I downloaded the 64 bit PeopleTools software. After I installed OS/Oracle 11g, Weblogic server and Tuxedo, I kicked off the setup.bat in Disk1 folder of PeopleTools 8.53. I then see this:


Oddly, after it unzip it, the InstallAnwhere window disppears (or you can say it does not show up), of course the command line is prompting for next command. I was very puzzled by this. I tried a lot of things, including making sure all Windows updates are installed, making sure Java VM is current, setting the path in the setup.bat (that’s for the installDir, and JAVE_EXE). All these did not work for me.

Then suddenly it came to my mind that I unzipped the 3 disks of PeopleTools install files in my host machine, not in the Windows 2008 (in VMWare). So I copied the 3 zip files to the Windows 2008, and unzipped them there. After that, I ran the setup.bat again. And Walala,


Of course, you do need to make sure the JAVA_EXE is set correctly.