Playing flv file on VLC media player

When I play a flv file on VLC media player, it consumes a lot of CPU. Whenever I try to fast forward, the player just locks up, and I will no longer be able to fast forward or backward.  Even if I close the player, it stays in Task Manager with huge CPU load.


and I will have to kill it from Task Manager.

Since VLC gives me more benefits, I just don’t want to switch. So I go online, one post here says to enable “fast-seek”. When I go in to the preferences of VLC media player:


I don’t see “fast-seek” here. However, I do notice the “Hardware-accelerated decoding” is set to “Disable”. I change it to Automatic,


And try again:


Now it’s all good, it’s running low on CPU, and I can fast-forward or backward.


One issue still here is that I can’t pause it, when I do, the CPU again goes up, and I no longer can close it in the usual way.

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